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Came back from our 2nd Croatian yoga retreat in 2019 and planning our next ones in 2020..

We loved spending a whole week with the loveliest yogis on the Planet in May and then 4 days in October . 

We started and finished our summer together with a relaxing and recharging yoga retreat at an exclusive, modern villa close to the most pristine beaches south of Dubrovnik. We loved practising yoga on the beautiful yoga terrace with an amazing sea view. We had guided meditation sessions, daily two yoga classes and a workshop on building home yoga practice.

We went sea kayaking with one of the coolest kayaking tour guide in Croatia and on a boat trip to Dubrovnik, where we walked on the old town walls and indulged in the scenic views surrounding this breathtaking city, plus we saw where Game of Thrones scenes were shot.

We also had 3 evening cooking workshops on the May retreat, where we learnt about nutrition and cooked 3 types of meals (vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian).  We also explored local restaurants during the May and October retreats andwe found the best vegan restaurant in Dubrovnik!

We helped students deepen their yoga practice and transform their eating habits. The feedback from students were  positive and reinforced that a week spent with creating new habits can really help you to live a healthier and happier life once you get back and update your daily routines.

Read about our upcoming retreats in Croatia, Greece & Montenegro and contact me if you have any questions or would like to book our next trip to paradise.

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